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{Me and Mine 2017} March

I don’t know how but I completely forgot to write this post despite getting our family photo a couple of weeks ago. The weeks seems to be merging into one and the same can be said for the months, I can’t believe we are already into April. This year is going too quick!

March has been a lovely month for us. I can’t say we’ve done anything that exciting or been anywhere (maternity pay really doesn’t stretch that far) but I feel like we’ve had some lovely quality time together.

We’ve celebrated Michael’s birthday – in actual fact it’s been celebrated three times, once with his family, on the day itself then with my family … and he didn’t want a fuss!

I actually made quite a big decision this month which is to extend my maternity leave to September. I was originally due back in July, but I realised a couple of weeks ago that if I went back when planned, then I would have to put both boys in nursery over summer until Alfie starts school in September. As Alfie gets 15 funded hours a week, it would also mean that we would be paying full price for them both, which just isn’t feasible. It would cost more than I’d be earning, so it made sense to extend my time off until Alfie has started school in September, so I can be off with them both. I will write more about this in a separate post as there’s a lot more I’d like to say.

I’ve had a pretty rough time with Nate this month as he’s gone through the four month sleep regression which has hit hard. Initially he was a really good sleeper, he was having longish naps, then during the night he would wake maybe once or twice a night have a feed then go straight back off. However, this last month especially, his naps are considerably shorter, he’s waking a lot more in the night and he’s not as settled as he was. My wonder weeks app tells me he’s starting leap five and combined with teething, I am exhausted. I don’t remember it being this hard with Alfie, but this time feels really difficult. Not only that, I’ve literally had no break for five months, which is my choice because I’m breastfeeding him and haven’t expressed a bottle for him to be left, but it is starting to take it’s toll now. Hopefully things will get better soon.

Alfie did a one mile sponsored walk with nursery to raise money for Comic Relief which he really enjoyed. He seems to be growing up so quickly. I was really worried about telling him about the house, but he was so mature about it and said it’s ok that we have to move, as long as we can take all our things with us. Often, I’ll worry about how he’ll react to certain things and he will completely amaze me with how he reacts to situations. I think he’s really ready for school and I’m really excited for him to go. We took advantage of the reading eggs free trial and have started to do a bit of work on it and he was so good at it. So much so I even had to ask if he’d used it at nursery as he just knew what he had to do and he was recognising words that I didn’t know he could read. He’ll be one of the eldest, if not the eldest in his class when he starts and I really hope he gets into the academic side.

Sadly, we had some bad news a few days ago. Our landlord has decided to sell our house. It’s come as a shock as it was only a couple of months ago that he told Michael he wouldn’t be selling, so to get the call from the estate agents was a really out of the blue. I’m not going to lie, I’m pretty devastated because we all really love it here and we’d chosen Alfie’s primary school based on where we live now. The three schools we selected are all within a 5 minute drive, so we feel under a lot of pressure to find somewhere similar, within budget, in the same area. We find out in a couple of weeks which school he has got into and I really don’t want to have to decline and choose another school if we end up moving too far away. So far, endless hours searching rightmove and zoopla is bringing up nothing. I am just hoping our house doesn’t sell before we manage to find somewhere suitable.

April is going to be an up and down kind of month as my cousin, Alfie’s godfather, is moving to Australia at the end of the month and I’m already dreading the goodbye as I’ve no idea when I’ll see him again. We’ve got a day out planned with our other cousin and Michael and the boys as a farewell. I’m hoping to vlog it and take lots of photo’s to look back on. It’s also my MIL’s birthday and Easter, which is always lovely. Fingers crossed we find a house sooner rather than later.



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