Siblings #5 – April

When I wrote about the boys in March, I mentioned that I felt we’d take a few steps back. However, this month has been the total opposite. Alfie’s been much more involved with Nate and has played with him of his own accord much more. A few times all four of us have been in our bed in the morning and Alfie’s really involved Nate and played and chatted to him. He’s still not overly keen on holding him unless he’s in the mood, in which case I have to be quick with the camera, but I do feel like he’s getting there.

Nate still idolises Alfie and follows him and watches him whenever he is here, which I think is really lovely. I do think that once Nate can sit and crawl that’s when Alfie will interact more with him.

Their relationship is not at all what I imagined. I thought Alfie would want to be involved all the time and hold him, but he just doesn’t and it’s something I’m very wary of pushing – I don’t want Alfie to only spend time chatting to Nate because we’ve asked, I want him to want to do it. I’ve noticed that when we are out and about, he’ll pop his head in the pram as though he’s checking if Nate is ok, which is quite sweet.

Up until this week, Nate had only rolled over once, but in the last few days, he’s been doing it more and more and Alfie really cheers him on and tries to encourage him. I think it’s been a big adjustment for Alfie and it’s perhaps one which he is still getting to grips with.

We found out recently that our landlord is selling our house so we’ve been looking for somewhere else, which is proving to be quite difficult. We’ve toyed with the idea of the boys sharing a room and Alfie seems ok with it. It would only be an absolute last resort because I think once Alfie starts school in September, he will need his own space and Nate is still waking in the night, so if he’s still doing so when we move, then he’ll stay in with us longer than anticipated.

At the moment, four years seems like a really big gap between the boys. I don’t know if it’s because Alfie is an old four or if it’s because he’s just not that interested in Nate, but I’m sure as the years go by, then their relationship will change.

I’ve not been able to get many great photo’s of them this month – like I say, it’s all a case of when Alfie will have his photo taken with Nate, but these are the one’s I did mange to get.


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