me and mine

{Me and Mine 2017} April

I’m so, so behind but I didn’t want to leave this post sat in my drafts.

April started out with a lovely party – we were invited to my great Auntie and Uncle’s 50th wedding anniversary party. I was in two minds about taking Nate because he had just turned 5 months old and although not in any kind of routine, I didn’t want to have him out late. In the end I’m so glad we took him, he kept up really well and we had a great night catching up with all the family.


It was also quite special as it was as our last family party with my cousin Ant, before he moved to Australia. He’s been living in London for  the past 8 years but moved back up North for a few weeks. It was lovely to spend some quality time with him and I got some lovely snaps of him and the boys.

The following weekend, we spent the day in Blackpool with Ant and our other cousin Gemma. It was the most fantastic day and Alfie was in his element. They’re Godparents to Alfie and they absolutely dote on him which is just wonderful to see! Nate was fantastic all day given that most of it was spent in his pram and Gemma kept me company whilst I was feeding Nate. I honestly don’t know why we haven’t gone on more days out together!


Easter was lovely this year. On the Saturday we went to my sister in laws caravan with Michael’s mum and dad for the day and it was just the loveliest day. The kids had s great time playing, we went out to the local park for a couple of hours and we all had a really good catch up. I do hope we can spend more time up there this Summer.


For the rest of the month, it was quite stressful due to feeling under pressure to find a house. With our landlord deciding to sell, our hand had been forced. We were really struggling to find somewhere suitable and viewed a few houses  but for one reason or another they just weren’t right. Until we finally found one we liked. It was in the village where we lived when Alfie was born and it was a 2 bed dormer bungalow with much more space than we currently have. Michael and I instantly loved it and the views were incredible! The upstairs room which would have been Alfie’s was just so, so big with the most amazing view! The lounge (which was at the back of the house) is much bigger than our current one, it had a decent size kitchen which was being replaced, a door through to the garage (great for storage of the pram and dryer etc), front and back gardens and a drive way. My only reservation was the garden which needed a lot of work to it! We viewed it a second time though and we noticed things we hadn’t the first time. Every room needs some kind of work / painting. We queried a few things with the landlord and the estate agents came back to say it was actually only a 12 months let. We were gutted. It was by far the best house we’d seen. The estate agents suggested another house which was in the same area and bizarrely was right opposite our old house! You can actually see our old house from the front windows! We fell in love  it was perfect with SO much more space. With a bit of negotiation on the rent, it was ours!

Although it’s much further away from where Alfie will be going to school, the house is just perfect for us and it’s somewhere where the boys can grow without outgrowing it!

After the way the month started, I can’t believe how it’s ended. Never did I think we’d find such a great house. I will miss our little house, but it is just that – little and as Nate grows, we’d have very quickly have outgrown it. So despite being heartbroken when we were given the news it was being sold, everything has worked out great!


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