Siblings #7 June

Once again, I’ve realised that I’ve not posted my siblings update for June! I really struggled to get photos this month because Nate’s at that awkward stage where he’s not crawling or sitting but he won’t keep still. He won’t even entertain sitting up yet – he’s much rather be rolling around and be mobile which is quite exhausting! Alfie had to be bribed for the pictures again, which is nothing new, but pictures aside, their relationship is growing stronger each month.

Its taken a long time for Alfie to warm to Nate but we are really getting there. Nate idolises Alfie and when he sees him in the morning or when he gets home from nursery, he kicks his legs and waves his arms in excitement and Alfie is much more forthcoming with cuddles and kisses which makes my heart melt.

He seems to want to get involved with Nate much more and has even fed him a few times now that he’s in solids and I’ve noticed when we’re all eating together he’ll often ask if he can share his with Nate.

I’m hoping that Nate will be sitting and or crawling in the next few weeks because Alfie finishes nursery in July and I’ll have both boys home all Summer and I’ve lots of garden time planned and it’d be lovely for Nate to be able to sit and play with us!

I feel so lucky to be their Mama!





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