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{Me and Mine 2017} June

I’m sure everybody has said this, but how can it be the end of June already? Half a year has passed in what feels like the blink of any eye!

June has flown by so quickly. We moved house at the very end of May and a few days later Michael started a new job, which was also a step up – it  seems to be a bit of a theme as every time we’ve moved, one of us has started a new job! I’m so proud of Michael for getting this job though as he was head hunted for it and he’s worked incredibly hard since he started his career in HR back in 2010. I really feel like this could be the making of him and it’s a really positive step in his career. He works so hard for us and he really deserves this promotion.

This month has been spent mostly unpacking and getting used to our new house. I must admit, whilst I do really love the house and how much more space we’ve got, I have had a little wobble because the kitchen is just horrendous. Not only is it about 22 years old but it’s in very poor condition. As we are renting, I’m not sure what can be done about it. That aside though, I really do think we’ll be very happy here. The first morning we woke up in the new house, Michael and I both felt like a weight had been lifted and we felt so content and happy. We have much more space which is great (Alfie even has his own play room), but we’ve got much less furniture / storage, so it’s been tricky finding homes for things and as such, we’ve still got some boxes to unpack as we just don’t have anywhere for things to go. I know we’ll get there though and I know we’ve made the right decision by moving here.

It’s been a big month for Alfie this month as he’s had his taster sessions at his new school. The sessions were only for an hour and a quarter and when going to the first one, he told us he was a bit nervous about making new friends but I dropped him off with his new class friends and teacher and I could not have been prouder of him. He waved me off and walked off down to his class with his new class mates, who over time will become his friends. He’s so ready for school – he’s going to be five the day after he starts and I’m so sad that I won’t get to spend his birthday with him but it’s just one of those things. He came out declaring that ‘school is really good’, much to the amusement of the other parents. His second session was just as good, he had a really good time and wasn’t nervous at all. I’m so excited for him to start in September and I know we’ve chosen a really good school for him.

Nate is thriving. He’s on three meals a day now and is very mobile by rolling around everywhere. He has sat independently for a minute or two here and there, but he’s not interested in sitting at all. He arches himself back so he’s laying down, or flops forward. No matter what I do, he just won’t stay in the sitting position. Alfie was sitting at 7 months, so I’m trying hard not to compare. He’s very close to crawling, but just need to realise that he needs to move his arms as well as his legs! He’s a complete Mummy’s boy and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I hope July is a slower month. Alfie will leave nursery in two weeks, which means he’ll be at home all Summer with Nate and I which I’m quite nervous about because since I had Nate eight months ago, Alfie has been at nursery five morning’s, then his grandparents have had his for a couple of hours in the afternoon, so he’s only been here a couple of hours a day. So him being here all day and needing to be entertained, along with Nate does make me a bit nervous. I also want the Summer to be a slow one because I’m just not ready to back to work. Initially, I was going to go back after nine months, meaning I’d have been back the first week in July which I’ve now extended, so I won’t go back until the second week in September, once Alfie has started school. I’m trying to push it as far to the back of my mind as I possibly can as I’m just not ready to deal with it!

I’m hoping July is filled with sunshine, picnics and slow days.

I couldn’t resist sharing this attempt – just look at Alfie’s face!


I couldn’t resist sharing this attempt – just look at Alfie’s face! 




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