Dear Nate, You Are Seven Months old!

Dear Nate,

The months are flying by so quickly and I just can’t believe that I’m writing your seven month update! (You are actually 8 moths now, but I write these a month behind).

We started you on solid foods when you turned six months and over the last month you’ve really begun to enjoy your food. On a typical day you will have porridge for breakfast, with a bit of a fruit pouch mixed in. For lunch, I try to mix it up, so some days, you’ll have a pouch if you’ve woken late from your nap, or other days, I’ll make you picky food such as cucumber sticks, toast, pitta bread, crumpets etc. Then your evening meal varies too. Again, depending what we are having, you’ll have either a pouch, or beans on toast, spaghetti, mash. I try to give you what we are having as and when I can and you really enjoy food. You tend to prefer us feeding you than feeding yourself, but I give you a variety of finger foods too. Last week, you enjoyed your very first Sunday lunch, and I was so pleased with how well you did eating all your veg up!

As well as having three meals a day, you’re also having snacks in between. Your favourites are bread sticks, veg sticks, veg crisps, fruit, biscotti and the organix ginger bread men (which your brother is also quite partial too).  As such, you are less fussed about milk during the day and only have a few minutes per feed in the day. I do offer it often though because I know it is still your main source of nutrition for a few more months. You’ll have your longest feed of the day before bed and it’s the one I enjoy the most. I’ve thought about trying you with bottles for a couple of your feeds, but something kept stopping me until this weekend.

Your sleep has become terrible, with you waking several times in the evening, from you going to bed to Daddy and I going to bed a few hours later and then you are waking much more in the night. In sheer desperation to get you to sleep more than two hours at a time, I tried to give you formula in a bottle. You have had it before. In fact, you’ve had maybe 4/5 bottles of it, but not since the very early days and I think you’ve now forgotten how to use a bottle as you just would not take the milk, or perhaps you just didn’t want a feed, but whatever it was. You wouldn’t drink it.

I’m really at a loss as to what to do in terms of your sleep. Up to being six months old, you slept in my arms in the evening and went to bed when Daddy and I did. Once we moved house though, we packed away your next to me crib and swapped it for your cot (which is Alfie’s old one). I started to put you down every night, but with the exception of the first night in it, you’ve yet to stay in it a full night. The last couple of weeks have been especially hard with you waking so, so much. It’s meant you’ve ended up co-sleeping with me again. If truth be told, I’m actually ok with it. I know you need me and I’ll never deprive you of that but what I am finding particularly hard is that when you wake in the evening before we go to bed, you will only settle for me. You will scream and cry if Daddy goes in, but as soon as I get you, you’ll nestle back into me and be sound asleep within minutes most of the time. Whilst it’s lovely you are such a Mummy’s boy, after seven months, I am finding it a little overwhelming – I’ve not had one night off / out in the whole time you’ve been here. For now it’s ok as I know you won’t always be like this, but I wish I knew what it was that kept waking you up.

During the day, you are much better. You will normally go down for a nap around two hours after you first wake, which can be anywhere from 6.30 – 8am (if I’m lucky and depending how quiet Alfie is in the morning) and you usually nap for a couple of hours. When you wake, we’ll have lunch, then a couple of hours play before you are ready for your afternoon nap. This is a little trickier as you’ll nap for anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours. If it’s only 30 minutes then you get very tired by 7pm ,but for the most part, you hold up really well. I think I just need to accept the fact that you are like your brother and don’t need much sleep. I’m hoping this next month will improve massively in terms of your sleep!

In terms of milestones, you still won’t sit up. There’s been a few occasions where you’ve been distracted and I’ve managed to sit you up but usually, you’ll push yourself backwards to be lying down again or you will flop forward to eat your toes. Alfie was seven months when he first started sitting and I’m trying not to compare you. I know you’ll do it in your own time, but it will make things ever so slightly easier when you can sit independently and play. At the moment, you are rolling everywhere and can quite easily get around my rolling. You’re trying very hard to crawl and will get up on all fours, but you’ve not yet realised how to move your arms too so you’ll kind of bunny hop your knees, or go backwards, which is very cute.

You really enjoy the bath, you like it when I sing row, row, row your boat, absolutely idolise Alfie and give him the biggest smiles, you love making lots of noise and enjoy screaming. Loudly. You still have no teeth, but they’ve been really bothering you again recently, so I’m hoping they cut soon so you will not be in so much pain. You’re in 6-9 months clothes now although a few 3-6 things do still fit you – you seem to be on the small side like your Mama. Everyone you meet comments on what a happy little baby you are which just makes me so, so proud.

You’ve completely stolen my heart.

I love you so much my darling boy, thank you for being mine.

Mummy xxx



Not a fan of strawberries!



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