Siblings #8 July

Since I’ve been writing these posts, I’ve mentioned that I’ve struggled to get photo’s of the boys because Alfie wasn’t confident enough to hold Nate when he was a small baby and as he’s got bigger and heavier, Alfie’s not been able to hold his weight. I thought that once Nate was sitting, taking photo’s of them would be much easier. I couldn’t have been more wrong! Whilst Nate can now sit, he very rarely does. I think he gets bored of sitting still in one place when there’s a whole room he can explore and as such, he’s forever trying to escape or crawling off! That said, I think Alfie is enjoying Nate much more as he will often kiss and cuddle him of his own accord now and will engage in play with him, which is just wonderful to see. On occasions, Alfie has jumped into Nate’s play pen to play with him for a few minutes whilst I got on with cooking, washing etc.

On Friday, Alfie ‘graduated’ from nursery, which means that I’ve got seven whole weeks ahead of having both boys and I’m not going to lie – it does make me nervous because even though Nate is 8 months old, I’ve not really had them together for very long because my wonderful in-law’s have picked Alfie up from nursery every day at 12pm then taken him home for lunch and taken him out for a few hours. Some days they will even have him until 4 / 5pm, meaning I’ve just got Nate, so having Alfie here all summer is going to be somewhat challenging I think because Nate and I have our own routine, which is going to have to change to adapt to Alfie.

I’m trying not to worry too much about it now and I’m hoping that having so much time together will only help improve their relationship and their bond will grow stronger. Thankfully, Alfie has been willing to let me photograph them this month and I’ve been able to get some really nice pictures of them.

We also got  Alfie’s final nursery photo’s back this month and they very kindly said that I could take Nate in for some too, which meant I’ve finally got a few professional photo’s of them. I really do love them.





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