Dear Alfie,

On Friday 14 July 2017, you left nursery after 2 years and 9 months and I couldn’t be prouder of you. You had only just turned 2 when you first started way back in October 2014 and you seemed so little, but as you leave you are the tallest and the oldest in your class. You are wise beyond your years and seem much older than your 4 years.

On your final day at nursery, we attended your Graduation party, with Nan and Grandad and it was just such a special day. I can’t include all the photo’s as they’ve got your friends in so we’re not allowed, but it was such a lovely afternoon and I may have shed a tear or two.


Nursery has been so good for you and even though it was a difficult choice sending you, I’m so glad we did. You’ve made your own friends and you’ve got a little bit of your own life away from me and your Daddy and you’ve really thrived whilst you’ve been there.

You are definitely ready for school now. If you’d have been born a week earlier, then you would have gone to school last year and as such, it’s really evident that you’ve outgrown nursery.

Back in June, you had 2 settling in sessions at your new school. On the journey there, you told me you were nervous about going and nervous about making new friends, but you went in no problem, found your name, and waved me off with no fuss. I was so proud. I thought you might have been a little bit clingy, but you were such a big boy and left me with no fuss. When I returned for you just over an hour later, you came rushing out telling me that school was really good! The following week, Daddy took you in and collected you whilst I waited with Nate and again, you found your name and went off to your new class without a second glance. I’m so happy with the school you’ll be attending. It’s a relatively small school and there’ll be 30 in your class and it feels like a small village school, which I think is exactly what you need. Our second choice school for you, whilst being rated outstanding by Ofsted, it’s a much bigger school and I did worry how you would settle there, so I was thrilled when you got into our first choice.

I should have returned to work by now after having your brother, but I extended my maternity leave so I would be home for the summer with you and Nate and it’s the best decision I could’ve made. You are still a Daddy’s boy through and through, so I’m hoping this Summer will give us chance to bond more.

I’m going to be so sad when you start school in September because the baby days will well and truly be over (truth be told, they have been for a while), but I’m also excited for you. I’m excited for you to make new friends, to have a new routine, to have a little bit of your life that Daddy and I don’t know about and aren’t part of. You’re going to grow so much and I just know you’re going to do great at school.

I hope you reap the rewards of success my darling boy.

All My Love,





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