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{Me and Mine 2017} July

I’m so sad July is over because August is the last full month off I have with Nate and Alfie before he starts school and I return to work in September. Even just the thought fills me with dread. I’ve barely been away from Nate since he was born 9 months ago, and when I have been away from him, it’s been no more then 90 minutes!

July has been very hit and miss weather wise. We’ve had some really lovely summer days, but as it’s got to the end of the month, it’s been horrible and grey and the rain has been bouncing down and we’ve even had a couple of storms. It’s meant we’ve not been able to make as much use of the garden as I would’ve liked and some days out have been rained off but we’ve made the best of it regardless.

Alfie graduated nursery on the 14 July, which I wrote about here. I thought I’d find it really hard him being home as Nate and I had got in to a really good routine during the days, but I’ve loved having Alfie home and when it’s been Nate’s nap time, Alfie has very kindly played quietly or had some quiet time on the ipad.

We’ve had  a couple of days out at our local country park, which has been really lovely. Each time we’ve ended up staying much longer than planned, so I really do need to start packing a picnic in future. The first time we went, the summer fair was there and I foolishly asked Alfie if I could go on the ferris wheel with him, not realising just how high it actually was. Not going to lie, I was pretty terrified when he stopped us right at the top to let other people on. Despite it being ridiculously high, I’m so pleased he let me go on it with him.

I’ve noticed such a big change with Alfie and Nate’s relationship in just two weeks since Alfie left nursery and it’s been wonderful to witness. Nate is also coming on really well, which I’ll write about in his update. I’ve actually been able to get some lovely photo’s of the boys this month. My Dad actually took these for us yesterday on another visit to our local country park and I really love them.

August starts with Nate’s Christening, then I fully intend to make the most of it as I’ll never have so much time with the boys again and I’m hoping the weather will be on our side!




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