Dear Nate,

I have only just realised that I didn’t write your 8 month update. I think because I write these a month behind, when I wrote your 7 month update, you already 8 months old and having just read it back, there’s not really a great deal which has changed.

Alfie has now finished nursery, so is home for the summer. Initially I was quite nervous about this because as I said last time, you’d got in to a routine of napping for a couple of hours in the morning and wondered how this would work with Alfie home as you still won’t be put down during nap time. Thankfully though, Alfie’s chosen to have quiet time and watch the iPad whilst you nap. It’s not ideal, but it’s working. On the whole, sleep has really taken a turn for the worse. You just will not go in your cot at all now. Initially, you were going down in it in the evening, and would stay in it a couple of hours before waking but over the last few weeks it’s got so bad that we were in and out to you all evening, sometimes taking 30 minutes to settle you back down only for you to wake within 10 / 20 minutes. We got you a new mattress thinking that the old one wasn’t comfy, but it’s made no difference. If we put you on our bed, you will stay asleep all evening but we can’t leave you, so it means one of us is having to stay with you.

Separation anxiety has also reared it’s head this month as well. You can be ok in the day if you are with Daddy but night times are a whole other story. Your Daddy had just (finally) started to get you to settle for him and you were doing this for a couple of weeks, but just lately, if you wake in the evening, you will scream and scream until I get you. The second you are in my arms, you will bury your head into me and go straight back to sleep. Whilst I absolutely love that I’m the one you need, it is also exhausting being the only one you will settle for. I keep telling myself it won’t be forever so I’m just trying to ride it out.

In the last week or so, you’ve become much steadier when sitting and you will now crawl along (you still don’t crawl properly and your crawl resembles a baby seal’s) but you’ll stop and sit yourself up, then go back to crawling. It feels like quite a big milestone that you’ve learned how to do this and whilst I’m happy in some respects, it’s all just so bittersweet. Every time you learn something new, the baby days are getting further and further behind and it just makes my heart ache. You’ve also pulled yourself up on things a couple of times, but it doesn’t seem to be a regular occurrence just yet.

You really enjoy food and prefer being spoon fed rather than baby led, but this is ok. You more or less eat what we have now and the pouches are saved for emergencies! The only thing you seem not to like is carrots. It was the first thing we gave you and you’ve just never taken to it and spit it out if you’re given it. I’ve been offering you water with your meals, but you’ve not quite got the hang of using the beaker yet and seem to just chew the teat with your gums.

Yes, that’s right, you still have NO teeth. By this age, Alfie had his two bottom ones, but despite teething for what feels like forever, they’ve still not appeared!  I do wonder if this is one of the reasons you are so unsettled at night times?

You’re relationship with Alfie has really flourished which I think is largely down to him being at home all the time for the summer holidays and your big cousins Jack and Holly absolutely adore you! We’ve been taking you to Church now for the last few weeks and a few people have stopped me to tell me how beautiful you are and how good you are. It makes me burst with pride. It is your Christening at weekend and I am very much looking forward to celebrating you with all our family and friends.

Thank you for being mine…If you could just remember how to sleep, that would be wonderful!

All my love,

Mummy xxx



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