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{The Ordinary Moments 17} #1 First Outfits

The Ordinary Moments linky is one I have loved ever since Katie first began it back in 2013. I’ve joined in occasionally here and there but this year I really want to join in more. Since I had Nate 10 weeks ago, he’s worn very few actual outfits as I’ve preferred to keep him in baby…… Continue reading {The Ordinary Moments 17} #1 First Outfits

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Nate at 3 Weeks Old

How is Nate? He’s doing really good apart from suffering with wind. I’ve been told it’s unusual for breastfed babies to suffer with wind but unfortunately, Nate is suffering. His belly sometimes sounds like it’s bubbling and he gets quite uncomfortable. I’ve ordered a sling which I’m waiting to arrive as that’ll help on the…… Continue reading Nate at 3 Weeks Old